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Body Mass Index (BMI)
BMI (Status)
BMI (Risk)
Ideal Body Weight (IBW)
Body Surface Area (BSA)
Ponderal Index
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Waist-To-Hip Ratio (WHR)
Waist-To-Height Ratio (WHtR)
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# About

The Body Mass Index is the ratio of your body weight assessed in the parameters of height and weight. For every height there is a respective optimal weight that an individual must hold to be termed as healthy. It is used as the diagnostic indicator to indicate if you are overweight, obese, underweight, normal weight. However, due to the different assortment of body types, the division of muscle mass and bone mass it is not the only and final reliable measure. However, BMI does not estimate the measure your body fat percentage.

This BMI Calculator takes your age into consideration is used to evaluate your weight status. Just like all the other calculable entities, BMI is measured in International Standard Metric Unit system in kg/m2, and in US system in 703·lb/in2. According to CDC (centers for disease control and prevention), BMI:

§ Beyond 30 signifies obesity

§ Less than 18.5 is represents underweight

§ Amid 18.5 -24.9 indicate normal weight

§ Between 25 -29.9 denotes over weight

You can calculate your BMI index yourselves by using the below mentioned formulas:

§ Metric BMI Formulae: - BMI= (weight in Kilograms/ (height in meters*height in meters))

§ US BMI Formulae: - BMI= (weight in pounds/(height in inches*height in inches))*703


# Summary
Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) using various parameters like weight, height, sex, age, waist and hip. It can be used for men, women and children with our BMI calculation formula. In addition to BMI, it also tells you the risks based on BMI and calculates Ideal Body Weight (IBW), Body Surface Area (BSA), Ponderal Index, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Waist-To-Hip Ratio (WHR) and Waist-To-Height Ratio (WHtR).

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