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# About

India is a home to a 1,267,401,849 individuals and public transport is the most sought after measure for commutation. To regulate more than 7500 railway stations all across the nation IR functions on alphabetic codes to spot any railway station.

§ These conventional coding was inspired by the names of the stations themselves represent (AGC = Agra Cantonment, ALD = Allahabad).

§ at times they are driven by some mnemonic values.

§ Under careful observance it is ensured that no two stations have identical codes while assigning a code to a railway station. This is done by altering a letter or adding a letter (perhaps MAQ, ADI, etc.)

Some codes are inherited from the old names and spelling of certain places (BZA from Bezwada for today's Vijayawada).

There are also some standard notations common to all the abbreviations:

§ 'C' sometimes stands for Cantonment

§ 'J' denotes a Junction

§ 'S' and 'N' stand for south and north directions often.

§ Letters 'X', 'Q’, 'Z' are from time to time used when the code for one station has to be distinguished from the code for another of a similar name.

# Summary
This easy to use utility lets you search a database of all the Indian railway stations (including their name and code). Thereafter, we list down all the matching results in an intuitive way.

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