CBSE Percentile Calculator

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Tip: Select 'PCM' for science stream subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics).

Note: The data used for calculating percentile rank is from the 2015 Board Exams conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

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# About

Percentile also commonly called as centile, is a statistical assessment of the percentage of students below and above the level you have scored out of total number of students. A few terms related to percentile are:

§ 25th percentile - first quartile

§ 50th percentile- median or second quartile

§ 75th percentile- third quartile

Percentile can be calculated by the formula as mentioned below:

§ Percentile of Student X= 100- 100*(Number of aspirants ahead of student X)/(number of total aspirants)

The use of percentile based ranking system has accorded many advantages in its name, as follows:

1. Class XII scores of a specific board are by and large in the order of merit of the examinees of that board.

2. Examinees of all boards same segregation of overall merit.

3. The hypothesis of equal merit distribution is the simplest and fairest that can be made under the present state of affairs.

4. Percentiles remain fundamentally immune to any misrepresentation caused by awarding higher marks by boards.

5. The fraction of students that fall in any percentile series would be the same, unaltered of liberal marking system or otherwise.

6. A very petite disparity in aggregate scores can make a vast diversity in percentiles.

# Frequently Asked Questions

What does this application do? Please describe briefly.
This calculator will take-in the percentage your scored in Class 12 examinations conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in the year 2015 and outputs the estimate percentile score. Additionally, the calculator gives an option to choose Science Stream for percentile rank calculation.
What is Percentile and how's it calculated?

Percentile of a student is calculated by dividing the number of students scoring below him or her with the number who students appeared in the examination, the ratio multiplied by 100. Let's say, if the percentile of a student is 67, then he/she performs better than 67% of all students in the same exam. For the official formula, visit

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How accurate is the outcome of this calculator?

We obtained the result data of all the candidates (more than 1 million) appeared in Class 12 examinations and applied the given percentile score formula on the available data set, excluding ABST, UFM, R.W. etc students. Regarding decimal precision, we round the input percentage to a single decimal place.

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How did you calculate the percentages of other candidates?

We arranged all the subjects the candidate appeared in descending order and used the first five passed subjects for calculation of percentage. This method prioritize the scores regardless of whether the subject was taken as additional or main.

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